welcome to sapphire pyrotechnics

At Sapphire pyrotechnics, we are committed to providing he best, all-inclusive events in the UK.  Harnessing the skills of our dedicated team we are able to create magical events incorporating music, lasers, fireworks and special effects to leave audiences speechless. We pride ourselves on our musical displays in which we choreograph the fireworks to your favourite song! We can use colours and effects to match a wedding colour scheme, corporate logo or event theme! From dazzling low noise displays, to impressive finales, rainbow coloured lighting to heart shaped fireworks, we can truly cater for any event!
No two firework displays are ever the same; we design the show so it is unique to you and the effect you wish to create. All our shows are fully insured and our trained display technicians will carry out a site and risk assessment survey. Along with close customer liaison, this ensures your firework display is a truly magical and memorable one tailored to your exact need.
Let your fireworks display be one to remember and amaze your audience with a display organised by Sapphire Pyrotechnics!