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Sapphire Pyrotechnics are specialists in large professional public and corporate displays and carry full liability insurance. Regardless of the size and type of your event, we can design and deliver the right display for you at the right price. So, whether you are looking for a large Bonfire Night Display at a public location, or a product launch for a private corporate party, Sapphire can cater for all of your needs and really impress your audience.  We have a wealth of experience in the firework industry which includes firing a vast number of corporate and public displays in front of large audiences. These include Bonfire Night displays, product launches, Diwali, Christmas light switch-ons, sporting events, Chinese New Year, carnivals, school fireworks, outdoor music events – the list is endless!

Corporate Packages

Turquoise from £1800 Duration 5 minutes: £1800 | 10 minutes: £3000 | 15 minutes: £4600

A turquoise display involves mostly multishsot fireworks that are ignited on certain beats within the track. The types
of effects tend to change as the track builds. Single ignition units are fired on crescendos within the track.

Diamond from £2800 Duration 5 minutes: £2800 | 10 minutes: £4000 | 15 minutes: £5600
This package uses more single ignition effects creating a more synchronised show. The majority of the show is still
made up of multishot fireworks to emphases the build within the track.
Sapphire from £3800 Duration 5 minutes: £3800 | 10 minutes: £5000 | 15 minutes: £6500
Sapphire is a unique Package that allows our show designer to take a track and pin point specific beats to fire single
ignition effects, such as mines and comets. The combination of single ignition effects and aerial effects allows us to
create a powerful show with the finesse of a ballet show.
Events over 15 minutes? Please contact us for a quote

We use the latest proven electronic technology to design and deliver a spectacular display designed to suit your event and location. All our public displays are designed specifically for you; they must meet our own exacting standards, so you can be assured that you will get the finest products and the most impressive display. We can design our show to match your brand colours and even display your company logo or message in firewriting or lancework.

Our specialist team are trained to the British Pyrotechnic Association (BPA) standards and are with you every step of the way. They will liaise with you from your initial contact to completion of your display. This includes a full site survey, method statements, risk assessments and design consultation, enabling us to design the perfect show influenced by the geography of your chosen location, theme of your event, size of the audience and budget available. Your show will be designed on virtual firework software, and lighting shows are designed on a state of the art theatre lighting platform, enabling us to visualise the impact of your show before the event. This software allows us to transfer the design digitally to our FireOne firing system, ensuring complete safety and a seamless progression from concept to completion.

At Sapphire we pride ourselves in providing true choreographed pyromusical displays where the fireworks dance in perfect time to the music. A fireworks display is designed with split second timing to produce the ultimate show. As with all our displays we use an electronic firing system that allows us to ignite the relevant fireworks on the note of a song. This results in accurate timings of the fireworks in our displays. We pride ourselves in creating a unique pyromusical every time, using eye catching chase sequences that dance in perfect harmony to the music. Due to the complexity of a pyromusical display the cost is a little higher but don’t let this put you off. A shorter pyromusical can in some instances be more entertaining that a 10 minute display without music.

A pyromusical will require slightly longer to design and prepare as the music selection is a key part to getting an award winning pyromusical. Here at Sapphire we liaise with the client to choose a track or multiple tracks for the event. The bellow price uses our in-house sound system. For larger scale displays it is advised that a specialised outdoor system is used, however this may come at an extra cost. We can provide a larger system and have worked alongside some of the best companies in the UK for outdoor sound systems so please don’t hesitate to ask if this is a requirement.