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lighting pyromusicals

If you select one of our lighting pyromusical displays you will receive something spectacular and unique. Sapphire is one of the only firework companies in the UK that can offer a fully designed show where the fireworks and lights dance in perfect harmony to the music. All our light shows are powered by the state of the art, industrial moving heads.

The lights have sharp, crisp optics and pack a 250w 7800k lamps that powers the bright coloured beams high into the sky. Like our musical displays our team take the selected music and mixes it together seamlessly. They then use the music to design your fireworks display, then pull it together to design the lighting display. We can assure you that the show is truly unique to your event. It’s an experience that you and your guests will never forget. Our Lighting pyromusical start from £3000, please contact us for more information.

If your venue or site doesn’t permit fireworks, Sapphire can still deliver spectacular lighting and music that will leave you speechless. Our Lighting shows start from £1000, please contact us for more information.