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low noise fireworks

Our low noise displays have been specially designed for those venues that do not allow standard fireworks displays due to noise restrictions. These displays will still leave you amazed, consisting of a combination of single effect shots creating beautiful patterns in the sky.


our packages

Jasper £695 Duration: 7 minutes

This is a stunning display of colour, that lights the sky up beautifully. This is an elegant way to end your special day with stunning patterns in the sky.

Jade £895 Duration: 9 minutes

A heavenly display containing beautiful colours and glittering effects that appear to be suspended from the stars. A beautiful display that you can stand and watch in wonder at the end of your special day.

Pearl £1095 Duration: 10 minutes

This beautiful display makes an exceptional sight as the fireworks interchange from the three firing positions. The delicate effects look spectacular as they hang from the sky and comets then soar – a truly magical display!

Ruby £1400 Duration: 12 minutes
An exceptionally intense display where the fireworks tell a story in the sky. Immersed in colour and effects, it is a visual spectacular that ends with magical sky coverage, leaving everyone watching in wonder.