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Up Lighting & Mood Lighting

Sapphire pyrotechnics believes that creative lighting can change a mood, behaviour and even emotions. Illuminating a venue in a range of colours can create an atmosphere that allows us to experience more than we realise, from a beautiful wedding, to an energetic concert. Great lighting can transform a stage, marquee, building or even a garden- no matter the size of the venue and event, we can provide lighting to add that bit extra! We can match your colour scheme using a range of shades on walls, ceilings and floors. It will bring harmony between the décor and venue and make your event not only visible, but memorable too by including professional lighting and see the difference it can make. Sapphire pyrotechnics will take your vision and bring it to life. Sapphire pyrotechnics work with clients in many markets including festivals, concerts, private parties, theatre productions, weddings, school proms, conferences, corporate events and many more! From the initial design, rigging to the performance, we are committed to your event. With years of experience, advanced skills and a range of equipment, Sapphire Pyrotechnics is the event company for you! We pride ourselves on our personal one to one customer service which sets us apart in the events industry.

LED lightings is the future of events; using the latest LED chips in our state of the art fixtures we are able to create any colour! When we say any colour, we mean any colour, using RGBWA (Red, Green, Blue, White & Amber) colour chips we are able to get a fine colour mix. With the use of them in an up-lighting capacity we can create gentle colour around small objects such as columns or podiums, right through to full colour washing a wall. We can offer the best in both wired and wireless options to help create your vision while staying within your budget.
Fairy Lights are perfect to transform even the dullest of venues into a magical setting perfect for any event! They can enhance both contemporary and traditional venues and allow you to use your imagination to create your ideal setting or theme. They can go anywhere in any design- you can be as creative as you like! Fairy lights can be wrapped around pillars, doors, roofs, strung around a room, or even draped round a tepee! They can be used outdoors to create a pathway or to illuminate trees in an elegant manor. Fairy lights have a gentle glow which adds warmth and class without being overpowering. They are ideal to create a soft and sparkling atmosphere for an elegant wedding; enhancing wedding photographs and creating a graceful light. The possibilities with fairy lights are endless!