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Up Lighting & Mood Lighting

At Sapphire, we can illuminate a reception room to match your colour scheme from a range of colours and shades onto walls,
floors, and ceilings. The number of choices available to you in terms of lighting options is limitless, you can place LED uplighters
at the entrance, by the bar, in fact anywhere in the room can be highlighted and made into a beacon of colour.

The LED par can and battery powered units are generally used for lighting taller buildings or pillars etc. The battens cover a
larger area and are great for uplighting applications. The battery powered LED units are ideal to use in venues where there are
no or few power points or where you don’t want to see cables. They can also be used outside to light the entrance to a venue,
because they are IP65 rated, meaning that they are partially waterproof and can safely be used in the rain.
As a general rule, placing LED uplighting units every three meters looks great and is really easy way to work out how many units
to hire.

Hire Prices:

LED Par can or LED Batten Each – £20
LED Super Bright Batten – £30
LED Battery Powered Uplighter – £50

Hire of multiple items may include a discount, this is circumstantial to the quantity hired.